Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dan Terminus - "The Darkest Benthic Division"

Dan Terminus - "The Darkest Benthic Division" 

"In the near future, somewhere in a gigantic and tentacular neo-noir city, you are a Bladerunner on the run. 

All of your ex-partners are now after you, because you refused to kill a female Replicant. Deeply moved and touched by her will to love and live, you escaped with her. 

Under a cyber black rain, the two of you run down to the harbour. There, you embark on your modified Wallypower 118 and leave the city behind, in the hopes that you will reach the Underwater Cities. Such cities, located far, far away in the mysterious seas, could be a safe haven for both of you. Or so you hope... 

Your journey across the seas has just begun. As grim and noir as the future can be, it is nothing compared to the wonders and horrors that await you. 

A rogue Replicant and a Bladerunner on the run. This is your journey. This is your story."