Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"The Dark" is Empire State Human's third album since July 2013, and features
all new songs, including a track with Martin Bowes, of UK band Attrition called "The Digital World", on spoken vocals. Two tracks "Drifting" & "Funhouse" have original lyrics with by Tracey Biscop.
To quote lead vocalist Aidan Casserly - "The album is our most emotional album of all our 20 releases so far. We wanted to create a wall of electronic mood and layers, which builds up as each song begins and ends. Approaching the intimacy of the songs, as we did, was a difficult task, as with all our releases, we still see ourselves as an electronic pop band and not a rock band. But in reality we were ready to create this album, a cinematic, sci-fi styled one"


Artwork by Fontpusher in London, the album is mastered by Pete Maher (Pet Shop Boys, Garbage, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails). 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

VHS GLITCH - Evil Technology

New york city 1980. 
The most successful technology companies met for an important meeting, the main topic, create a single company called Neotech Corporation to manufacture different types of hardware with a single software who can control the minds of the general population of society. 

Meanwhile somewhere in Tokyo, a clandestine company finished the project to fight against Neotech Corporation 
The project was recorded in a VCR which was programed to play the VHS in an unknown date. 

Today is the day, a couple of glitches and it will happen. 
VHS Glitch is here, the war is ready 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

QUANTUM - Darktech

Quantum's debut EP is out now on Werkstatt Recordings featuring five tracks of dark trancy synthwave with space occult references.

Monday, March 3, 2014

RIGHT KNIDER - "Tectonivora" - new ep out now -

Right Knider return with their second work after a break with their appearance on the Vs Series.
This time they deliver five tracks of multi-layered synthscapes and excellent production on the drum-beats, featuring a more industrialized approach in that section.One of the tracks thats needs to be mentioned is "Reverse Glaciers" revealing some excellent work on the guitar & saxophone parts.
Overall the ep is influenced by a dark wave touch of the 80's era, something which is emerging in the atmosphere of the tracks. 
"Tectonivora" is available for a free/name your price feature and on physical format (3" mini cd), you can listen/buy the whole ep here :

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dan Terminus - "The Darkest Benthic Division"

Dan Terminus - "The Darkest Benthic Division" 

"In the near future, somewhere in a gigantic and tentacular neo-noir city, you are a Bladerunner on the run. 

All of your ex-partners are now after you, because you refused to kill a female Replicant. Deeply moved and touched by her will to love and live, you escaped with her. 

Under a cyber black rain, the two of you run down to the harbour. There, you embark on your modified Wallypower 118 and leave the city behind, in the hopes that you will reach the Underwater Cities. Such cities, located far, far away in the mysterious seas, could be a safe haven for both of you. Or so you hope... 

Your journey across the seas has just begun. As grim and noir as the future can be, it is nothing compared to the wonders and horrors that await you. 

A rogue Replicant and a Bladerunner on the run. This is your journey. This is your story."